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CAC Natural Foods Inc (“CAC”) is a supply chain platform that exports Canadian-manufactured health foods and supplements to domestic and overseas markets.


CAC offers a one-stop shop for Canadian manufacturers to export direct-to-doorstep, and offers foreign consumers a trusted source of factory-direct Canadian goods.  

In many countries, online sales and mail orders of personal-use quantities directly from overseas are allowed to bypass bulk import restrictions, provided that importers pre-clear bulk shipments with customs, the shipping cost and border risk fall to competitive levels.

Trading industrial products since 1999, CAC’s parent company founded CAC Naturals in 2015 to build an export business for Canada’s most prestigious health supplement brand, managing sales through online platforms, direct sales, and offline through local partnerships with “experience shops” (product showrooms).  CAC has developed payment systems, logistics and other knowhow to receive, aggregate, ship, customs-clear and deliver orders with near-realtime direct payments back to Canada.

CAC’s export logistics are at the cutting edge of Canadian exporters and enable it to offer an unparalleled offering to Canadian manufacturers.

CAC Natural Foods’ mission is to make available high-quality, North American-manufactured food and health products to ordinary consumers. 

CAC Natural Foods’ vision is to create an online logistics platform that links online and offline consumers with North American manufacturers, banks, border regulators and delivery partners.

Hong "Harold" Yang is CAC’s CEO. A former applied sciences professor at Tianjin University in China, Hong has been working with or trading his entire business career. To date, he has shipped more than 600,000 tonnes of steel from North America to Asia and is known as one of North America’s leading exporters of scrap steel, amongst other commodities.


Hong holds a Master’s degree in polymer sciences from Tianjin University and can, even today, be found at the helm of metals handling machinery.  Hong is the holder of a number of patents related to his scientific work.

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