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CAC was established in 1999 by Harold "Hong" Yang when he first came to Canada and saw the complementary nature of "Canada and China". A former applied sciences professor at Tianjin University, Harold saw the potential in pairing Canada's abundant resources with China's massive population - a match made in heaven.

Within his first decade in Canada, Harold quickly established himself as one of North America's leading exporters of scrap steel. It is because of his ability to thrive in such a raw industry that he was granted the opportunity to steward Canada’s most prestigious health supplement brand, Webber Naturals, in the Greater China region. Hence, CAC Naturals was born.

CAC has now grown to two locations in Canada and three locations in China, offering warehousing on both sides of the Pacific.

We offer a one-stop shop for Canadian manufacturers to export direct-to-doorstep, and offer foreign consumers a trusted source of factory-direct Canadian goods.


When COVID-19 first broke out in China, our first reaction was to mobilize and support our friends overseas. In partnership with Canadian Chinese Community Organizations, CAC facilitated three major charitable shipments of PPE to Wuhan.

Shortly after, the supply and demand turned a full 180. Our initial advantage over other importers was our model of high frequency, low volume shipments. This allowed us to test an array of manufacturers to find gems that were fairly priced and high quality.

It has also allowed us to try various logistics partners and logistics routes to identify those most reliable in these unpredictable times. It is because of the time and money that we’ve invested into this broad sampling that allows us to minimize the risk to local procurement offices.

To date, we have supplied over 300,000 units of PPE to private and public sector clients, and each client has made their purchases upon receiving samples and local product testing where required.


We are glad to be able to support our communities in this small way and hope to bring some peace of mind during these chaotic times.

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