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You are probably approached weekly by buyers from China. 
We offer access in a different way from many traditional agents.
Our model is different from many importers:
  1. We are interested in long-term brand building.
    Many trading companies take on multiple brands, and just try to sell them at the lowest price.  Unless you are investing directly in that expensive market, they will not come back for more.  By contrast, we want to build your product into a premium brand: it might grow more slowly, but will give you - and us - the margins to achieve a sustainable share.

  2. We do not take on directly competitive products
    We aim to become China's most-trusted source of Canadian goods.  We only offer quality products that we can recommend, which means only one from each class.

  3. We use "personal exemptions" to bypass bulk-import border holdups
    China - like many countries, including Canada - allows individuals to bring things in for personal use, even if those products cannot be imported for sale.  Since 2015, online-originated, direct-to-consumer mail orders in this way - so if you have an online presence and efficient logistics for individualized purchases, the economics work.

  4. We have a presence in Canada.   
    We are a Canadian company, privately held 100% by Canadian citizens.  We have assets and a warehouse here, and are able to serve you closely as your partner in brand building.  That is one reason Canada's most prestigious supplement brand has trusted us since 2015.

  5. We can work with your other branding agents. 
    Our unique offering is the logistical capability to fulfill online orders that qualify for personal-use exemptions.  We have our own channels, and manage brands on behalf of some of our suppliers, but if you want to do this another way, then just use our custom-built online system to fulfill your orders.  Your other online partners will likely find this an effective logistics service, too.
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