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Trading industrial products since 1999, CAC’s parent company founded CAC Naturals in 2015 to build an export business for Canada’s most prestigious health supplement brand, Webber Naturals. As their exclusive distributor and strategic partner in China, we manage sales through a broad array of online and offline channels, including cross-border e-commerce platforms, direct sales, and a growing network of “experiential stores” (product showrooms).  

We have developed payment systems, logistics and other know-how to receive, aggregate, ship, customs-clear and deliver orders with near-realtime direct payments back to Canada.​ Our export logistics are at the cutting edge of Canadian exporters and enable us to offer an unparalleled offering to Canadian manufacturers.

With a intricate understanding of the Chinese market and its nuances, a mature mix of sales channels and a deep commitment to the diversification of the Canadian economy, we are well-positioned to support Canadian manufacturers on their export journey.

In short, we offer a one-stop shop for Canadian manufacturers to export direct-to-doorstep, and offer foreign consumers a trusted source of factory-direct Canadian goods.

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