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Fitting Instructions:

  1. WEAR the mask with the nose clip upwards, dark side outwards and hang the ear loops over each ear. Avoid touching the inside of the mask with your hands.
  2. PULL and expand the mask vertically so that it stretches from under your eyes below your chin.
  3. PRESS the nose clip over the bridge of your nose to fit your face.

NOTE: If the nose clip does not fit well on your face, it will cause improper sealing and reduce the protective capability of the mask.


Filtration Effectiveness: ≥ 98%

Conforms to YY0469-2011 Standards

Currently being tested against ASTM Level 2 and Level 3 Standards



  • Before using, check the packaging to ensure the product has not been tampered with and to review the manufacture date to check that the product is still effective.

  • Please use with caution if you are sensitive/allergic to non-woven fabrics.

  • After using, please dispose of the mask as per Health Canada guidelines.

  • This product can be used in a normal medical setting, but will not protect against aerosolized particles.


What is the difference between N95 and surgical masks?

N95 respirators are tight-fitting respirators that reduce the wearer’s exposure to airborne particles and filter out at least 95% of large and small particles. Surgical masks are loose-fitting and do not prevent leakage around the edge of the mask when the user inhales.


How can I tell if a surgical mask is good quality?

A surgical mask has three layers: the inner layer (non-woven fabric) is used for absorbing moisture, the middle layer (melt-blown fabric) is a filter and the outer layer (non-woven fabric) repels liquid. 

A simple waterproof and burn test can be done at home to make sure the surgical mask is made with the correct material. The inner and outer layer should repel liquid and the middle layer should melt under fire. If the middle layer catches on fire, then the mask is made from paper (not melt-blown fabric). 

In addition to testing reports provided by our manufacturer, we test all shipments of masks that we receive before distributing them.


Warnings: Single-use only. Check mask condition before using and discard immediately if it is damaged. This mask does not eliminate the risk of contracting any disease or infection. Replace if damaged or soiled with blood or other bodily fluids.



Material: Non-woven pp, melt-blown fabric

Quantity: 50 masks/box

Country of Origin: Made in China


SKU: 20200511
C$25.00 Regular Price
C$7.50Sale Price
    • Sterilized with Ethylene Oxide

    • 3 layers of protection against droplets, bacteria, dust, and smoke

    • Made with 2 layers of non-woven fabric and 1 layer of melt-blown fabric

    • Ear loops for convenient and comfortable use

    • Embedded and adjustable nose clip

    • One size fits most adults

    • 50 masks/box ($0.15/mask)

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